Superior River View

Superior River View

Slow boat to Thailand

We have a beautiful hotel which is quiet and peaceful, from the hotel you will be able to enjoy a view of the Mekong River.

We offer accommodation, free Wi-Fi is available in the public areas

All the rooms have a balcony with a spectacular sunset view. Seating is available inside and outside.

We offer air-conditioning, clean and comfortable bedding, en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi Spa, inclusive breakfast, cable TV, and pool.

The rooftop balcony provides panoramic views of the town and Mekong River.
Easy and simple reservations and bookings. We hope you see you at our hotel!

11/139 Khem Khong Road, Pakbeng Village, Pakbeng District, Oudamsay Province, 04000
Lao mobile: +8562058513555